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Ediane Tiago


Since I graduated in journalism in 1998, my life is being transformed by digitalization. To understand technology and its impacts on society have helped me to overcome the challenges of this new age.

As a reporter, I decided to cover technology and innovation as soon as I got my degree. I’ve always been interested in this area. To be honest, It is my passion.

For almost 20 years, I’ve been reporting for the most important newspapers and magazines in Brazil. The irony: I’ve always worked for the printed press.

Ser Digital is my gateway to digital journalism. This project involves my dream to democratize information about innovation and technology. I want to make this understandable for anyone.

In Portuguese, the word “Ser” means “to exist”. Ser Digital brings stories about our existence in a time of digital transformations. How we connect, our relationship with the digital world and how we have been benefited by technology.

The project involves the dissemination of news and long-form stories about digital transformation in our daily lives. The idea is to talk about
technology from the human perspective.