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The future of careHow can your Fitbit influence the questions your doctor will ask you? In a connected world a lot. Imagine that the doctor has access to all of your health data. By the computer screen, it is possible to check blood analysis results, the knees digital tomography that you took last year, and all the miles that you ran last month. According to this information, you discuss a new routine to prevent knee injuries.

No time will be wasted, and you will talk to the doctor about your plans to run a Marathon. Together, you will plan all the details to promote your health while you are training. “Easy access to information is essential to improve care,” says Thankam Paul Thyvalikakath, the director of the new Dental Informatics Core Initiative at the Indiana University School of Dentistry.

The potential for improving patient care led her to research in the field of computer science. She believes that technology is the key to humanize health care, providing information to make a medical decision more accurate.

As an example, she uses the electronic health record (EHR). In the future, EHR will integrate data from medical and dental files, hospitals, laboratories and wearable devices, providing a patient 360-degree view. “With the information already in the system, the doctor gets to know better who is in treatment,” she says.

According to The World Health Organization (WHO), the use of digital technology is a key to face the demographic changes. It will be mandatory to take care of people in a world of an aging population. Many countries are already implementing eHealth systems and integrating communication devices – like mobile phones – in a net capable to spread health care. The use of artificial intelligence, data analysis, and cognitive computing is also on the agenda.

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